beth3My husband and I live on a ranch in the bootheel of New Mexico eighty miles from a grocery store and a hundred miles from a coffee shop where we manage our orchard,  bee hives, and Airbnb.

I love the borderlands and recently began a crusade to celebrate the beauty of this wondrous place and its people through stories, photos, and events. It’s called I Love My Border Town. Come follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you want to learn more about the places and the folks who live along the U.S. – Mexico border. My passions include exploring the outdoors, cooking, photography, and contemplating this crazy thing we call life. These themes show up in my writing, so if  they also interest you, I invite you to check out my Borderland Studio blogs or the videos on my Current Projects page. Thanks for stopping by!

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing and teach literature and creative writing at the University of Arizona and Cochise College. I am also the chair for the Cochise Creative Writing Celebration. Over the years I have worked as a ranch hand, bartender, waitress, restaurateur, and dog trainer. I’m guilty of hording chocolate, talking to my pets, and sometimes indulging in that second glass of wine.