Fellow Artists

Welcome students and visitors! The works of these talented folks are the cornerstone of my creative life and teaching curriculum. As friends and mentors, they help keep the dream alive.

There is a lifetime of great books published by wonderful people here as well as other art in many forms. When you find something you like, please support the writers and artists by purchasing their books, music, art, food, etc. Thank you.

tall poppies


“There is an old saying that every story, even your own, is either happy or sad depending on where you stop telling it.”

–Wiley Cash, The Last Ballad

Ann Garvin           torrey_house_press1

Ann Garvin              Torrey House Press

cash_wiley1            towler_katherine1

Wiley Cash               Katie Towler

j-l-powers2.jpg            wieland_mitch1

Jessica Powers        Mitch Wieland

treiber_jay1             jay_james

Jay Treiber                James Jay

“Our most precious resource now is wonder. What we wonder ignites our imagination, unleashes our empathy, fuels our ferocity.”

–Amy Irvine, Desert Cabal, A New Season in the Wilderness

Richard Adams Carey

irvine w credit           Author Photo Annette McGivney

Amy Irvine            Annette McGivney

Photo Alex O'Meara          ross_tracy1

Alex O’Meara        Tracy Ross


“If a song was ever good, it’s still good.”

–Willie Nelson


Toni Birdsong, Idea Wrangler


Puspa Lohmeyer, Videographer


Dan Simones, Musician


Rob Page, Restaurateur

Author photo Marcela Lubian, Carr Canyon

Marcela Lubian, Artist


Lisa Sprietsma, Artist